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Cosmetic Consultations Just Got Exciting!

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Today, we will discover what successful Cosmetic Dentists are doing worldwide.

First of all, you have all heard about the good news that Master's Arch offers Digital Smile Redprint (DSR) to all of our providers nationwide. This is a mockup kit that includes a facially driven digital wax-up design, printed model, stent and matrix. With this kit, doctors are able to give their patients a mockup "try-in" of their enhanced smile within minutes. What's the big idea? It's illuminating patient's fear of the unknown. When it comes to cosmetics, patients are often times given a consultation with a provider without ever having the slightest of clues of what it will turn out to look and feel like. This is a game changer you have got to offer in your practice.

With all of the innovations in dentistry, we are able to give our patients visual answers. This is not only rewarding in that it's a predictable outcome and everyone involved is in the know of what's accepted, but really, it's the ultimate experience patients get to have during their consultations which many call it the "hesitant moment".

Here are some common questions and answers:

What does Master's Arch need to create a DSR Mockup Kit?

We require 6 basic photos of the patient (please book a 15 minute DSR Orientation for details) and a digital or traditional impression of both upper and lower plus the bite. With great records and an order form sent in, we are able to create this awesome DSR Mockup Kit.

Can I take a digital impression and bite?

Yes. Take advantage of whatever digital intraoral scanner you chose for your practice and send it over via Dropbox share or email using .STL format. If you are sending a Cerec file, you can send it via Sirona-Connect to Master's Arch. Once file is received, our admin team will send you an email with case accepted confirmation.

What is the turnaround for DSR Mockup Kit?

Our turnaround is typically 4 business days in the lab once after we have accepted your case. If you need it sooner than our typical turnaround date, please notify your Account Manager prior to sending the case to make a special schedule.

What is the cost of DSR Mockup Kit?

Here's the other advantage of this kit. We do not charge per unit but rather per arch. Whether you'd like to give your patient a 4 unit enhancement try-in or 12 units, it's all included in one cost per arch. For more information on the cost, please book a 15 minute DSR Orientation.

Where can I get the DSR Order Form and more information?

In order to have the best outcome of DSR Mockup experience, we do require that you book a 15 minute Orientation. After this orientation, you will be emailed the link to download order forms and fee schedule.

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