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DSR Workflow -part.1-

We all agree that we want to provide the best solution and the best outcome to our VIP Patients right? Click this video to learn some tips about sending a case to Master's Arch to provide the best outcomes delivered to your VIP Patients.


Teeth Camp Full Arch 2-Day


ONLY FOR MAPROVIDERS! $700 OFF until the end of August!

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*Enter the coupon code "WEAREMAPROVIDERS" in the checkout process.


Q & A

Q: What are the 3 steps of delivering VIP Full Arch to our patient?

A: (1) Surgery & Conversion (2) Verification & Prototype (3) Final delivery

Q: How long does it take to receive the case after submitted

A: Our typical turnaround is 5-10 business days in the laboratory with 1-2 days shipping depending the number of units and a few other variables. If you are needing to have your case delivered by a certain date due to patient's travel, etc, please contact your Account Manager to check our latest production schedules to ensure we have our patient happy and smiling!


We are accepting any questions you have from Full Arch to Marketing, and share all the answers here. Don’t hesitate to give us any questions. **your name will not be shown**

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