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The last DSR series is final delivery. Enjoy quick smile translation by clicking the video above↑

Let me talk about human psychology because it’s deeply related to Marketing.

People don’t want to let go of what they already have due to emotional attachment. Analytics show that the purchasing rate is much higher when people try something out. ((Especially customized luxury products))

DSR process is not only rewarding because of its excellent experience and allow you to build relationships with your patients, but it has an amazing acceptance rate.

Something to think about!


Q & A

Q: What marketing should I start?

A: You can start social media if you haven't utilize one. It's free promote platform and you can start right away. Also it's becoming more essential to have your practice's account because people search on you before the first visit.

Q: What Camera brand do you recommend to take patients' photo?

A: We asked our professional videographer to answer this question! "I would recommend Canon or Nikon for DSLR, and Sony for mirrorless. Choosing the right camera is important too, but you should have a good lens and flash that goes with the camera to take a better photos of patients."


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