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Master's Arch Conversion Kit

Sean Han, CEO and Master Ceramist of Master’s Arch partnered with Meisinger to put a Conversion Kit for full arch cases! Ask us all about it. We will shortly have videos up to share how each burs play their roles during conversions on the day of surgery. Simple protocols to save you time and give your VIP Patients the experience of their lifetime during this important stage of transformation.. that’s what this kit is designed to do ✅. #maproviders #mastersarch #maconversionkit @meisingerusa #fullarch #fullmouthrehabilitation #allon4 #dentalimplant

Master's Arch Full Arch Conversion Kit

When it comes to the number of full arch conversions completed successfully, it's got to be Sean Han, CDT. We have created this kit just for you. Whether you're just starting to treat these major cases or have done a number of cases, this kit is made to give you the ease of conversion after a long day of surgery for your patients.

Video Tutorials:

We will soon upload short video tutorials to help guide you with each bur in this kit to clarify indications and step-by-step order. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletters dropped in your email inbox for the latest from Master's Arch.

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