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5 Things You Can Do to Stay Connected With Your Patients

Updated: May 15, 2020

It's been eight weeks since most of the dental offices temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Depending on which state your dental practice is, you are either still closed or open for emergency patients only. Today, let's explore ways you can stay connected with your dear patients who have shown love and support through the years staying loyal to your dental services.

1. Email to all of your patients.

You have the option to email all of your patients with a click of one button. Reach out to your patients with a few dental tips to keep them healthy. As much information we have on the internet to find out ways to keep our oral hygienes under control, there's a new meaning when our very own dentist sends some helpful tips.

Make sure to add in your hours of operation during the next several weeks and also updates with your future hours, and when you anticipate in returning full time.

If you can, try to email your patients regularly to keep them informed and remember the importance of making appointments early for when you officially open your practice again.

2. Go Instagram or Facebook live.

Another wonderful feature on social media that Facebook, Inc. has opened up for us business owners is the ability to go live. It's not only visible to the people who are following us, but we also have the option of creating campaigns to let people in the community know when we are going to be connecting live on Instagram or Facebook.

It's a wonderful way to answer questions your community and patients may have about dental related topics and a great tool for you to stay near with your dear patients.

You may be camera shy or not know where to start. So I've added some questions you may want to write down and answer as if you're talking with one patient (but live).

Some questions you may want to answer on IG or FB live:

- What are some dentist approved over-the-counter products I should purchase? Toothpaste? Toothbrush?

- Do I have to floss daily? What's so important about that?

- What is the best way to brush my child's teeth? How many minutes?

- My kids don't like to brush their teeth. Do you have a recommendation to make it more fun for them?

- If I have a toothache, what should I do at home before making an appointment with a dentist?

- My daughter has crowded teeth and it's starting to hurt, what do you recommend?

- I have some discoloration, what are some good over-the-counter products you recommend I try?

- What is the difference between teeth whitening done in your practice vs the ones from local drug stores?

3. Talk to your community regularly using Instagram or Facebook stories.

I've talked about this before in a previous article explaining to start with stories, so make sure to check that out. This is my favorite feature that Facebook, Inc. pumped out a few years ago that makes staying active on social media fun.

Everywhere else but in the USA, dentists are connecting with their communities regularly by using the stories feature. Have fun spending a few minutes a day to talk about what's going on in your practice, sharing your team, and even talking about different treatment options you offer in your practice. You can also update your operating hours or where to email or call when they are in pain. Oh, and don't forget to give a dental tip!

4. Handwrite a postcard to your favorite VIP patients.

Every business owner has their favorite customers. Take a few minutes a day to personally write a postcard to yours. Keep them informed about when you're returning full time and also what they can do when they feel they have a dental emergency. Give them a small message of hope during the pandemic. You may or may not know this, but receiving a few words of wisdom from our doctors mean a whole lot (especially at times like these when the world seems distant).

5. Call your patients who were in the middle of treatment before the pandemic.

I'm sure there are patients who were in the middle of treatment or accepted treatment right before your practice closure. Reach out to them personally and see how they are doing. If they are in any pain or what they should look forward to when they are back on track with the treatment. Keep them excited to come back and resolve their issues.

Let them know how they can reach you and when you are returning to see them. Let them know how much you miss them and a few words of wisdom to help them see a better future soon.

We are all in the middle of what seems like a never-ending story and what we've never ever imagined would happen in our lives. Well, it's here. We are going through it. But also note, your patients are also. Your connection with patients who have stayed loyal to you because of your extra care and expertise should not be compromised due to a few months of closure. It's time to take charge and let your patients know that you are still here to care and share your expertise as their dentist. Isn't this the very reason why your patients love you? As always, have fun in all you do. My father used to always tell me, If you can't run away from it; learn to enjoy it." We miss you dearly, here at Master's Arch. We are always here to serve you with your prosthetic needs. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for anything! XOXO Helen

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