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Become a Social Media Influencer Doctor

There are many ways of marketing on Social Media these days, but today, we're going to dig into how you can become a Social Media Influencer as a Doctor.

One of the greatest advancements we are allowed as business owners in the era is to use up the social media as our means of reaching out to mass public. If you were to plan out ways to get your business name out to your community 20 years ago, you might have paid the newspaper companies, magazine companies, PR companies and even radio stations to get your message across. Things have changed.

Boo to those who say only actors and beauty bloggers can be influencers online.

You might look at my title of discussion today and think, why do I have to become a social media influencer?

Here's why.

MORE FOLLOWING When you are posting great discussions that will help someone fix a problem they may have, you will become a resource for them. After consistent great posts on your social media channel of choice, you will start to gain more following who looks to you to give them a solution to their problems. But then how does this benefit you? Keep reading.

PEOPLE TALK People then start to recommend you to their friends. Always leave a note to "tag friends who may benefit from this post". Here's an example of a good post. You post a quick check in video talking about what to eat and not eat before and after a dental implant procedure. Someone who saw this post remembers her friend who had recently had an implant surgery. She will tag her friend on social media to check out your post. This friend starts checking out your other posts and sees benefit in following you, bam!

DENTIST SEARCH Someone moves into town and starts looking for a dentist in his area. He comes across your social media channel and sees that there are multiple great discussions going on (which show your efforts as a doctor, also gets a glimpse of your character and sees the amount of following), this is an easy winner.

Remember, your business benefits from your efforts.

Now, let's take a closer look at what social media posts and equipments you should focus on.

Preparation is too easy.

EQUIPMENTS More than ever, our cell phones are becoming smarter and smarter each upgrade we graciously pay for. You can easily video shoot a few minutes of you talking at the comfort of your backyard, your office or anywhere else you see fit. If you'd like a bit more preparation here, you can order a phone stand on Amazon like this PHONE STAND and a MICROPHONE (links provided with my recommended gear).

POST CONTENTS In my previous posts, I've shared some great content ideas. Here are some more. Depending on the type of procedures you'd like to gain influence in, start by writing down 10 topics you can discuss in less than two minutes each. Here's a list I'd recommend for a doctor who loves to work on cosmetic cases all day long and I've scripted the first one for you as an example:

  1. Digital Smile Design SCRIPT: "Hello friends! This is Dr. Who. Today, I'm coming to you live to talk a bit about the possibilities of digitally designed smile makeover. There are many benefits to trying this out if you're ever hesitant about going through with veneers but here's the top three! First, you have the ability to see your smile makeover before you ever say yes. Second, with the innovations in dentistry today, we can take quick photos of your current smile and a digital impression scan to design it. Third, you will have an option to try on your smile design to see how it looks and feels to make your decisions. Give it a world and ask your doctor if they offer this! If this can benefit your friends, please remember to TAG them!"

  2. How long does the whole procedure take from planning to final delivery

  3. Who is a fit candidate for a smile makeover

  4. What are the material choices we offer for the smile makeover veneers and crowns

  5. What is a same day smile

  6. Does the insurance typically cover this procedure

  7. How does the doctor decide how many teeth to makeover

  8. What if I have old veneers

  9. What kind of complications does a smile makeover fix (such as discoloration, old veneers, stains, root canal)

  10. What is the typical life of a smile makeover

There are many more, but I literally had to stop there in respect to your reading time. *winK*

BONUS TIP It's always a great idea to stay consistent and persistent during the first few months. I would not post more than 2 of these videos of you at maximum per week. However, keep posting other great contents by getting your office hygienists, dental assistants and insurance coordinators involved. Think of it like a magazine company you own. Each of your office team members have a great self published article to share to the world. With this type of help, you will NEVER EVER run out of ideas or contents to post.

If you need some extra planning and training support for your team, always feel free to reach out to me!

Otherwise, I look forward to you becoming the next Dentist Social Media Influencer!!!



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