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3 Ways to Change from Good Marketing to Great

When it comes to marketing your dental practice, it can be very overwhelming. We are saturated with what works and what doesn't but even after filtering it all out, it doesn't mean it will work for you. Let's take a look at some great ways to get the word out that you are the "it" provider when it comes to quality dental care.

1. Your Why

Due to the Social Media era we live in, we are too focused in selling rather than sharing value. Yes, I'm sure you've heard this once or twice before but let's get down and dirty about how you can share "value" of why it's got to be you. Did you know that your quality care is exactly what consumers are seeking when they're looking for a great dentist? So why is it that it's ok to pass this great opportunity to give one more quality care to one more patient? It's not ok.

Going back to your first thought of becoming a dentist, try to remember your why for becoming one. And then why for owning your own practice. There must have been a promise to self for the type of quality dental care you wanted to provide to your local community. Write a good love letter to your patients (not really) explaining your dental practice's reason for existence. Then record yourself in a 1-3 minute video sharing exactly that.

People gravitate to wanting more than what's good. They want to hear your story. They want to be emotionally touched by you more than what you offer. Let everything else fall organically.

2. Share Your Daily Works

There are many photos of what happened in a dental office if you just took a minute to go visit other dental business pages on social media of choice. What's missing here that people want to see more of is your daily works. You had a patient call in with an emergency issue, you came in early to see her and your treated her so that she can once again have oral comfort. Share that. The other day when a patient walked in for a cleaning and after examination of x-rays, you found missing teeth that can be treated with dental implants which are now so easy to restore within months with the type of implants you use. Share that. You had a patient walk in for a filling and after a few minutes of consult, realized he's always wanted a better smile. You gave him a 3D mockup consult and now he's ready for the smile makeover. Share that.

3. Focus on Three Topics

Your social media should be filled with three (just three) topics to gain momentum. Let's look at it this way, if you're looking to travel somewhere exotic, you won't be following some random travel agency pages. You'd be smart to follow those pages on social media that focuses on "exotic travels" to get your time's worth. Just as so, decide on a few topics you can cover to become the source to your followers online. If you're in it to win more smile makeover prospects, it's a great idea to share all about it from how long it takes, the longevity of your smile makeovers, your experiences as a cosmetic dentist, materials you hand-picked with your ceramist and anything else you can think of that talks about dental cosmetic treatment. This would be your one topic.

Let's suppose you give back to your community through various sponsorships, donations and or events. Let that be your next topic of choice. People are drawn to businesses that contribute to society. That's a winning topic you do not want to miss. Share all that your contribute as a business. For example, if you're one of those dentists who sponsor a local youth sport, make sure to share that. Also let the team mom know that you're interested in receiving their team photos and videos. Share those throughout the year to have your followers watch your team develop with you.

Another great topic of choice is your contributions as a speaker or mentor to dental peers. People want to know that you are an expert in your field. It's great to share your speaking arrangements, mentoring peers (even on the phone) and their feedback about you as a peer expert. Share share share it away. You deserve a lot of recognition for that extra amount of time you dedicate outside your practice to raise the bar in our industry. Kudos to you!

Try these 3 ways to grab your reward (attention, lots of attention and many patients you seek you). Please leave a comment or question to let me know how it all worked out for you!

xoxo Helen

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