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I'm New to Social Media, Where Do I Start?

Follow these 3 steps and I assure you- you're off to a great start.

1. Get Ready

For someone who's just getting started on a business social media page (not personal because it's a whole new world), it's important to understand that nothing will work if you're not ready. What do I mean by that? Let's talk about it.

  • Be ready to be patient (It's like raising a 2 year old who think everything is her's and to top that; she's discovered this new word that no one around her seems to know what to do about it. "NO!")

  • Be ready to stay consistent and persistent (You came as far as to notice in the year 2019 to get your business a name in the world wide web, like finally. So let's just keep at it. You do understand it's been a bit the rest of the world of brands that you know and recognize have been doing it all along for a few decades now.)

  • Be ready to chat (Yes. Get ready to make some random social interactions with people you have no clue about, just because they gave you a heart or a thumbs up.)

  • Be ready to educate (You are a doctor. You have studied more than most people on earth and more importantly, you have been at this profession for years. You are a pro. Feel a tiny bit of obligation as a pro to teach others what you know with your eyes open and closed. How to brush properly, when and how to floss, what to do after an implant surgery, how long the healing time is post laser treatment... just everything you know without thinking. Because the rest of us have NO CLUE but would love to follow an ambassador from the offices of dental world to give us a touch of oral knowledge.)

  • Be ready to spend time (I understand this might have scared you a bit, but really, when you're trying to get just one person's attention because you think you've fallen in love during your teens and you remember what that was like, what will it take for you to get the attention of hundreds or thousands of people who have hundreds to thousands of other businesses trying to gain their attention every single day? I'll let you decide how much you want to commit to this portion.)

  • Be ready to share (It's common to have doctors who like to keep some private moments private. I get that. So here's what I want to tell you. Your image and the images of your team does count. In fact, it adds the flavor and coloring to your business brand. So if it's the super expensive car collection you wish to keep private, can you at least take a video or a snap of you riding one to give us a good idea of your cool outside-the-dental-scrubs look? That's interesting. Another good one I see way too often kept private are the actual chair time. Look at it this way, if I'm in a city over with no clue as to what your dental office looks or feels like, all I can base my decisions to ever make an appointment with you is- YELP. What others share about you. What do you want to share?)

2. Pick One Topic & Produce Contents Like Mad

When you're getting started, you may think there are hundred topics of discussion you can be sharing online. However, the best way to start is picking one topic. Here's what I mean. What is that procedure you'd like to see more of in your practice? Is it implants? Same day dentistry? Cosmetic veneers? Full Arch Rehabilitation? What topic pumps you up? Let that be your starting topic of choice.

Once you have this topic in mind, create some contents (images, videos and even memes if you're cool enough) to uncover one question at a time. Below are some ideas I've gathered up for you.

  • Images x12 (Remembering all the discussions you have with your patients on this topic during consultations, write down some common questions your patients have asked. Then, create some contents discussing one question at a time. For example- if the topic is same day dentistry, write down questions like, "How long does the whole appointment take? What do I do during the waiting time? Do you have wifi in the office? What material is going into my mouth? Who makes the restoration? Do you have digital equipments in office? Do I have to take that impression again? How is your team trained for this procedure? What equipment do you have in your office?" I know. You're probably thinking, who would ask those types of questions. However, you have to remember, you are the expert here and whatever you don't share or "show off" about your topic, the message is unclear. Unclear messages confuse people and does not draw attention. Create your flow of image contents to ask the question and in your post, write the message like you're publishing a short article on that one question.)

  • Videos x4 (People try to get all fancy and do Hollywood production videos and that can be very overwhelming while you're starting out. The pointer here is to "just do it" as Nike keeps telling us in there message to their buyer. So, here's how this type of content works. You have a smart phone, yes? Film yourself using that smart phone you already paid for and using those questions from the image contents above, discuss the answers just as you wrote in your image posts. What's cool about this is that you don't have to go out of your way and use up all your time to create new contents. You just reuse what you have for your images but this time talking in person. Your videos should not exceed 2 minutes total. Keep your videos short, to the point and get your teacher hat on. Have fun here. You don't have to be comical nor an ivy league professor teaching a law class. Be you. This is a great way to show your personality which is a big part of your branding.)

  • Memes x4 (Simple start, go and find some meme posting influencers on Facebook or Instagram. You will see that it's not the biggest deal in the world to be this cool. Again, reuse your questions from image contents for each of your memes. This one is for you who dare. :)

Here are some memes.

3. Schedule Your Posts

There are many different ways to get all your readied contents posted to multiple social media platforms. Here are the top three that social media influencers voted on:

Any social media platform you choose can be scheduled at one time to post throughout the month. The only one that kicks people in the rear still is Instagram. You can still schedule Instagram posts in any of these scheduling sites, but the trick here is that when it alerts you with a notification on you device, you have to manually go in and do it through that software. It's still easy to do but it just takes that extra work. That's ok. I think you've got this.

Here's my recommendation for you beginners on fire.

12 Image Contents - Post it Monday, Thursday, Saturday

4 Video Contents - Post it Wednesday

4 Memes - Post it Tuesday

You're skipping Fridays and Sundays.

If you want to know more about the logical reason behind these posting days, comment down below.

As always, have fun showing off your business! When you're having fun sharing, people have fun following. We are blessed enough to live in wonderful era to become our own celebrities. Why not use it to the max without spending a dollar to make a dollar? Talk about ROI!



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